LEAP Features

We often get the question – why features?  When we started thinking about the idea of creating an entirely new architecture, we felt like we had to take a step back and really start with High-Level Business problem statements, work them into high-level solutions, and then, finally, into architecture/technical solutions.   Our thought process is shown below.

So, the idea of features, become a core part of the architecture because it solved a variety of problems.

  • Better scalability by supporting a better cloud deployment strategy
  • Better ability to create and deploy very targeted solutions
  • Creates a functionality separation strategy which mitigates some of the inherent tendencies to blur functional lines
  • Allows customers to purchase only what they want, can carry only what they need
  • Ultimately, it permits us to realize the vision of using the architecture to create an Innovation Ecosystem rather than a monolithic monster

Below is a diagram of how correctly defined features can be used to create multiple offerings.

Updated on December 23, 2020

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