• Leap Data Context

    Understand the basics of Leap Data Context and learn about how it is leveraged within the Leap Framework.

  • Leap Events v1.0

    Outlines the overall structure for the Leap Event Structure that in used internally and recommended for Leap interactions.

  • Applying Data Taxonomy

    Customize incoming data before it hits your services by applying a Taxonomy. Change key names for an entire Feature or just a single Request

  • Creating Leap Events

    Technical documentation for creating and customizing System and Service Events

  • Leap Dispatch Channels

    Technical documentation for reusable Leap Event Dispatch Channels

  • Leap Event Subscriptions

    Technical documentation for Event Subscriptions made via Kafka and JMS

  • Leap Event Framework

    Overview of the Leap Event Framework, Event Publishing, and Event Subscriptions.

  • Leap Quickstart Guide

    Get started with Leap. Create and test your first Leap project with the highly anticipated “Hello World” Feature.

  • Leap CLI Installation

    Leap CLI Installation Guide. By the end of this your environment will be ready for CLI and Leap projects.

  • Leap CLI Commands

    Review Leap CLI commands to streamline development and deployment.